martes, 18 de noviembre de 2014

Some places to eat in Budapest

Hy guys!
Today I would like to speak about some restaurants that I have been this month.

1. Zizi bubbles and tapas
Hercegprímás utca 12. Budapest

It is situated only 2 minutes from St. Stephen Basilica. It has Hungarian and Spanish dishes or "tapas". Tapas are small portions of the dishes. However it is very cheap.
We went two times and we tried:

  • Potato croquettes with Serrano ham: Delicious!
  • Honey-mustard chicken breast roasted in bacon: So tasty!
  • baby squids in a crispy batter: The squids were too small.
  • roasted potatoes with tomato and aioli : They aren´t good and the alioli wasn´t real alioli sauce.
  • Roman salad with grilled chicken and anchovies: Good!
  • Black pudding, liver wurst and bratwurst: Very tasty!
  • BBQ pork with mustard-onion ragout:  Delicious!
  • Hungarian Hamburguer: The best one! With Hungarian meat!.

2. Disznó Bistro
Nagymező utca 19. Budapest

It is situated next to the Moulin Rouge and the  Budapesti Operett. Only 5 minutes from Octogon.

We taste theSpare Rib BBQ with Steak Potato Fries and BBQ Sauce.  It was pretty good.

3.Salvatore Bar
Erzsébet krt 48, Budapest

Situated in front of the Corinthia Hotel. 5min from Octogon.
It has very tasty dishes with very economic prices. Moreover they have 2 liters cocktail for less than 10€.
It is a perfect place to start the night and not to expend too much money in drinks.

We chose the espagueti tagliatelle al pesto, salmon with paste and tuna pizza with extra of bacon.

4.Jerney Italian Bistro

Budapest, Vigadó tér 3, 1051

They have excelletent pizzas. The dough of the pizzas are great.
If you like the pizzas you should go there. They have pretty views in front the restaurant.

5..Jerney Italian Bistro
Budapest, Király utca 59/b, 1072

They have good soups but the pasta is´t very tasty.
It has good prices and the menu is in several languages.

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